How to solve discrepancy in PAN card 2022 | How to fill discrepancy letter

There are various fields in the PAN application Form 49A and Form 49AA that the PAN applicant needs to fill. These include personal details like name, age, gender, date of birth, address etc. While specific columns are specified to fill the required fields, there are times when an applicant may fill these details incorrectly. For example, if the spelling of the name entered by you in the application form is different from that of your identity proof, there is a high chance that your PAN application will be rejected. How to solve discrepancy in PAN card 2022, How to fill discrepancy letter At times, documents posted as address or identity proof to the PAN department are not printed clearly enough for the authorities to recognize these as valid proofs. Also, at times, the documents required for identity proof are not presented and some other documents are attached. In such cases, wherever the applicant has applied for PAN, the application form for PAN is rejected by UTIITSL or Protein eGov Technologies Limited.

Download discrepancy letter for pan card

If you have not received the discrepancy letter and you want to download discrepancy letter online, then follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: You have to visit this Download discrepancy letter secure website

Step 2: Enter your 15 digit receipt number and click on download button

Step 3: It will be downloaded as soon as you click on the download button, if the PDF does not open, then you can call 02027218080 and say that I want to download the discrepancy letter, please enable it for download as soon as it is enabled, then the PDF will open.

How to solve discrepancy in PAN card Online

If you have applied for PAN card correction, and you have received an objection on your PAN card saying “We have received the document(s) in reply to the Discrepancy letter. However, the document(s) is/are not valid. For details contact TIN Call Center at 020 – 27218080.” If you are also telling the objection and you do not understand what to do in this condition.

To solve the Ib Objection, you will have to parcel some documents to NSDL, which document will be given in your description letter,

You will have to send any one identity from the list given below.

Please call 020 – 27218080 before parceling any document and ask whether the correction I have done is valid or not, if it does not work, then they will tell you immediately by doing this your time will be saved.

PAN Correction For Supporting Document List
( any one of the following – List 1 )
1. Elector’s photo identity card
2. Driving License
3. Certificate of identity signed by a Member of Parliament or a Member of Legislative Assembly or a Muncipal councilor or a Gazetted Officer along with copy of office identity proof of issuing officer.

4. Any of the below mentioned document in the name of Karta of HUF
5. Aadhaar Card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India
6. Arm’s license
7. Pensioner card having photograph of the applicant
8. Central Government Health Service Scheme Card
9. Bank certificate in Original on letter head from the
10.  branch (along with name and stamp of the issuing officer) containing duly attested photograph and bank
11. account number of the applicant
12. Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme photo card
13. Photo identity card issued by the Central Government

Discrepancy letter along with supporting document list

If you do not know what document to send to NSDL while parceling, if you are also couriering what to send to NSDL, you will have to send a Discrepancy letter, another one of the documents given in the Discrepancy letter Documents have to be attached like Annexure A, Gazetted Notification Letter, if you courier Voter Card, Driving License, 10th Marksheet, Passport etc., then first call toll free number and ask if that document is sufficient for him or not. No 02027218080

There is no need to send the PAN form as it is already available in the department.

How to fill discrepancy letter for pan card

Discrepancy in the documents received for PAN application Before filling the application form, you should know that what correction you are doing, I have to change the father’s name in the PAN card, so I am filling the form accordingly,

A. Reprint PAN card with ITD data, no change required: [ ]

In this, the right sign is put in that case, when there is no correction in the PAN card, as if the applicant is not doing any correction in his PAN card, he only has to get the PAN card reprinted, then in this case you are right. can mark

B. For following fields, details available with Income Tax Department is / are correct and should not be changed (ignore application data):
[ ] Name [ ] Father’s Name [ ] DOB

It is saying that the data in your PAN card i.e. name, father name, date of birth, which is correct, tick the one you do not want to change in the PAN card, in my case I have to heal the father name. I will tick the applicant name, date of birth

For following fields, details available with Income Tax Department is / are incorrect and should be changed:
[ ] Name [ ] Father’s Name [ ] DOB (provide documents to support changes as described overleaf)

It is saying that you put a tick on that which you want to change, I have to change the name of the father, that’s why I am ticking it.




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