NSDL ID Kaise Le | NSDL Biometric PAN Center Open | How to apply for nsdl pan card agency

If you also want to take NSDL Biometric PAN CARD AGENCY, then you can apply online for it, in a few hours your ID will be ready, then you can apply PAN card immediately with fingerprint, first we will give you this Finger print NSDL ID. What are the benefits of knowing about it, then how to get this NSDL ID will know about it.

NSDL ID Kaise Le | NSDL Biometric PAN Center Open | How to apply for nsdl pan card agency

What are the benefits of taking NSDL Fingerprint ID

There are many benefits of taking NSDL Biometric ID.

  • You can apply a new PAN card on Fingerprint or OTP Base, by doing this you will get the PAN card within a few hours.
  • With this biometric ID, you can create a new PAN card with fingerprint.
  • Even if the mobile number is not linked with the Aadhar card, you can still apply for the PAN card, that too with the finger print, you get the PAN card in a few hours.
  • With NSDL Finger Print ID, online PAN card form can be filled in just 5 minutes, it is such an easy step.
  • You do not have to upload any document or send it anywhere on making PAN card online with NSDL Biometric ID.
  • With NSDL Biometric ID, you can get PAN card in 30 to 2 hours on e-pan card pdf mail.
  • If you want e-pan card only then you have to pay challan of Rs. 70, if you want both pan card e-pan pdf also and plastic PVC PAN card which comes at home, you have to pay challan of Rs. 107 happens.
  • Original plastic pan card will reach the customer’s home in 4-7 days
  • If you apply PAN card with this fingerprint ID, then you will get father’s name on every PAN card, father’s name will be the same as you will fill while filling online form, no matter what name you enter on Aadhaar card. The same name comes on the PAN card.
  • When the date of birth is not complete in someone’s Aadhar card, then only the year is written, then his PAN card will be made, for this you will enter 01-01 in front of the year and then whatever year is behind it, then apply your PAN. Will be done
  • When a person does not know how to sign, his/her PAN card can be generated, for this no witness is required from any government official.
  • When the date of birth is wrong in someone’s Aadhar card and it is correct in other documents, then it can be applied in the proof of date of birth – it cannot be done like this because this PAN card is made on the complete Aadhaar base, the same will come on Aadhaar.
  • If someone has not asked for his PAN card at the address with Aadhar card, can he ask for his PAN card at any other address = Answer (Yes) [ For address proof, you will get electricity bill, or any other document in which you have that Enter the address at which you are asking for your PAN card.

Some Drawbacks of NSDL Fingerprint ID

Every item must have some kind of drawback, some drawbacks of fingerprint ID are some kind.

Photo When you apply PAN from this, you are not asked to upload the photo separately anywhere, because that photo is taken from your Aadhar card, the photo on the basis will come on the same PAN, there will be very few people whose Aadhar photo would be nice

Signature When applying PAN with this fingerprint ID, there is no signature because there is no signature on the Aadhar card, it contains the photo that comes with the PAN card, in this you are not given any option to upload the signature separately. In this, a white color box is given at the place where the signature comes on the PAN card, when the customer receives the original plastic PAN card, then he has to sign it himself with a marker pen, or to put a thumb impression. happens then the same is valid

With this ID, you cannot make a minor PAN card of the children, with this the same PAN card
Those who are of age 18+ will apply

If you have to apply for PAN of Firm Group Company School, then it will not be done from here, for that you will have to take a separate ID without OTP and Fingerprint

Everything else is great there were some important drawbacks that I have shared with you above.

What is required to apply PAN through biometric

Following are some of the documents required to apply for PAN with Finger Print ID.

  • e-Mail ID The mail on which you want to get the e-pan card pdf
  • Mobile Number – Which you want to link with PAN card, you can give this number to anyone
  • Aadhar card copy or some basic information of Aadhar card should be known like name date of birth gender Aadhar number four things you should know.

How to apply pan card through biometric

Some common steps are given below for how to apply PAN with fingerprint.

You can apply for PAN card from both mobile phone and computer.

How to pay in this for pan card application – in this you will be given a qr code, by scanning this qr code you can deposit payment in wallet, then when you apply pan card it will deduct money from wallet

On adding the payment from QR, the payment comes in the wallet after a few minutes, if ever the PAN form is not filled while applying PAN, for some reason there is an error in the middle, then in such a situation, you will have to fill the PAN form again from the beginning. The payment which was deducted from your wallet at that time will be auto refunded to your wallet after 30 minutes

Click on “Click here for Paperless PAN Card:” button after that you will confirm and have to complete KYC with OTP or Biometric, after that you will get application number, you will get PAN receipt on mail instantly, now you Have to wait for few hours, after that e-PAN PDF will come on mail, if it takes more time then you can check status and assess its actual status.

How to apply for NSLD Pan Card Agency

Follow the steps given below to get PAN card ID with fingerprint

What documents are required to get Biometric ID – Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Mail Address, Mobile Number

You will be asked to get NSDL Fingerprint ID – You can also take this ID from online website and also by chatting on our WhatsApp number +91 – 9672 56 4095,

In how much time we will get this ID – Like you share your required documents on WhatsApp, then we prepare your ID in ten minutes and send you user and password on WhatsApp,

How much fee will we have to pay to get this ID – in this you will have to pay a fee of Rs 99, the second is Rs 107, the first fee is taken for providing you ID and paid support, R.s. 107 for your ID After adding to the wallet, you are given a refund, that means, there is an ID Cost of R.s. 99, which is charged separately from you, 107 is taken for adding to your wallet, because the first time the wallet refill is given to us. You have to add it to your ID’s wallet only while creating the ID.

If you do not know how to make a PAN card, then you can contact our team and take training, our team will try our best to solve your every problem.


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